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Splinters CraftWorks
located in Seattle, WA.

The SCW Mission:

Introducing Splinters CraftWorks:

A new on-line micro business, specializing in small craft items made of wood. Products will range from handcrafted wooden pens to small woodworking crafts perfect as gifts to that person who appreciates handmade crafts..

Other custom items of wood (furniture, ect.) will be considered upon request - depending on size, difficulty and cost.

Splinters CraftWorks is primarily a woodworking company that makes small wooden items

I am a retired programmer who has had a lifetime appreciation of wood and what can be made from it, and have worked to make a number of items in my small shop over the years, mostly for my own use and as gifts to others.

Recently I set up a much larger and better equipped shop - and quite frankly, this business is my way of justifying the time, effort and expense I put into the new shop!

Over many years I have gained some small skill in making useful and attractive items from wood, and hope that you will appreciate what I have to offer.

The SCW Logo:

Splinters CraftWorks logo

SCW stands for the company name.

The rose is the same one that my wife Madge & I used on our wedding invitation - she died from lung cancer in 1991.

Using the rose is a way of connecting my past with her to the future of the company.

The SCW Name:

Splinters CraftWorks

Splinters stands for a venture off the ordinary path, small wanderings away from the ordinary, special and unusual findings.

CraftWorks is a promise to bring as much craftsmanship to my products as possible.

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